Staying Connected with Your Loved One During Deployment

P.S. I'm With You- Missing on Military Duty

Deployment can be a difficult time for both service members and their family back home. Although it’s impossible to fill the physical gap of being apart, staying connected is still possible! Here are some tips on how to stay in touch while someone you love is away serving our country.

One way to make sure your loved one feels supported is by writing letters or sending care packages regularly. A heartfelt letter reminding them that they are appreciated will go a long way, especially since mail takes much longer than other forms of communication today like email or text message – so there’s an added surprise factor as well! Additionally, putting together “goodie boxes” full of items from home such as pictures, candy, books or anything else that might remind them of home will show your appreciation for their service and let them know that you’re thinking about them too!

Another great way to keep in touch is through video recordings using P.S. I’m With You ( This unique platform allows families who have been separated due to deployment create special moments with each other no matter where they are located around the world – all without any extra equipment needed! It works by having one person record themselves saying something special for their loves ones then upload it onto the P.S. I’m With You website so those far away can watch whenever they get a chance – talk about making memories across miles apart!

Staying connected while someone you love serves our country doesn’t have to be hard; there are plenty of ways available today that allow us all make sure those we care about feel special despite being apart physically- whether its sending care packages full of goodies from home or recording meaningful messages via P.S. I’m With You – either option shows just how much we appreciate and miss our brave heroes fighting overseas everyday!

Support Groups

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